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Spearfishing & Freediving South-West

Welcome to Spearfishing and Freediving Southwest, founded by Matt Hill, UK National record holder, 104 Meter deep freediver. This serves as the premier hub for enthusiasts of both Spearfishing and Freediving in the Southwest we are the first Molchanovs School in UK. Our offerings include comprehensive sustainable Spearfishing and Freediving courses, led by our team of seasoned and expert instructors Including Aida master freediving instructor Oliver Cacioppo one of the most experienced instructors in the UK who bring a wealth of experience to the table. 

We have some of the best freediving facilities the UK has to offer with our classroom being on site at Delpy pool

Cornwall's inland purpose built freediving facility, our breathtaking quarry nestled in the heart of pristine countryside. With 37 meters of clear water, creating the perfect haven for learning how to freedive. CLICK HERE TO READ FAQ

Best experience I have had with Freediving training!

Professional and clear communication throughout the process. Uses video as a complementary tool for analysis. Matthew is a very knowledgeable instructor on both topics of spearfishing and freediving. Patient, encouraging and focuses on giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills as an independent freediver.

If you have any interest in freediving or spearfishing and you're in the area of Plymouth UK or South West UK give him a call. Keep up the good work!

Jason M

Uk Freediving courses

Hello, I'm Matt, i established Spearfishing and Freediving Southwest in 2021. I grew up in Torquay Devon and spent my youth spearfishing and foraging around the Devon coastline. I have over 17 years of experience in Devon and Cornwall and love passing on the skills i have learnt over these years. I have strong emphasis that spearfishing should only be practiced to have the ability to catch your own food and to connect to the oceans that we are so lucky to be surrounded here in the UK


 I currently spend my time teaching spearfishing and freediving around the world. I am currently in Bali but return to the UK in the summers to teach. I'm a competitive freediver and hold the UK National record in Free immersion at 104 Meters deep.

My focus is on delivering the highest quality sustainable spearfishing and freediving courses available with me and my team.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned diver, my goal is to assist you in reaching your aspirations and unlocking your potential. With personalized training programs and exceptional inshore freediving facilities, I'm dedicated to offering the highest quality training to all my students.

British freediver
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